We built NextMoveIQ because we saw an opportunity to help realtors and consumers with a problem they face. Possible one they did not even think was a problem. That is - we live in neighborhoods not just homes or cities or states. Many real estate search sites start with a blank search box where you type in a state, city, address, or even a neighborhood. But what if you don't know that answer yet. That is where NextMoveIQ comes in. We wanted to start with a series of intelligent questions that would help get those answers for you. The questions help you find the state and then it is a matter of browsing the cities until you find one that interests you. Reviewing the provided information about each state and city. Once you have found a city you can view all of it's respective neighborhoods and start your own research.

What Next?

This website is in it's first iteration. We will be expanding our databases with more neighborhoods, information, and questions.

Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you may have.